That Poore Baby Blog

That Poore Baby Blog

Just what the world needs, another baby blog about another baby. What makes this one different? It’s original, witty, fun, informative yet somehow touching.


They say having a baby is the biggest event in your life so I wanted to document it every step of the way. As time passes, it will be nice to have these moments captured. It could also prove to be very fascinating for the actual subject (the baby) to be able to read this when he or she gets older. Man, it’s so weird to try to picture a person who has not yet been born.

Since I am a graphic and web designer who dabbles in videography, photography and writing, I think it is truly a perfect storm of skills for someone who wants to create a blog and hopefully I can create something that is entertaining.

I initially set up the blog on Tumblr as an experiment but was not super happy with the lack of control. Plus, I wanted to own the posts on my own server so I decided to start from scratch using WordPress, my weapon of choice.

I started with a very basic free theme and tweaked it to my needs. I wanted the blog to be very simple with the focus on the posts, and I’ve noticed that a lot of the big news sites are opting for larger images these days – so I jumped on that bandwagon. I also wanted the blog to be responsive and look great on any device.

I then got to work on recreating the posts and adding content. On the initial Tumblr, the posts were very simple and didn’t offer much substance so I worked hard on establishing a voice and adding some humor to each entry. I’ve been trying to become a better writer and I hope this blog will help me to become a good story teller.

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